TQM System

TQM System

New Total Quality Management (TQM) System 

We profoundly consider quality as the way of doing production, rather than the product itself. In order to improve our overall quality to a more advanced level, our company launched a new Total Quality Management (TQM) campaign in 1998. We have integrated every single manufacturing procedure into our TQM frame since then.   

We routinely implement

  • Raw Material Inspection 

Every TFT panel and electronics component should be carefully inspected and filtered according to the GB2828 standard. Any defect or inferior will be denied. 

  • Process Inspection 

Certain percent of products must undergo process inspection, for instance, High / low temperature test, vibration test, water-proof test, dust-proof test, electro-static discharge(ESD)  test, lightning surge protection test, EMI/EMC test, power disturbance test. Precision and criticism are our working principles. 

  • Final Inspection 

100% finished products should undertake a 24-48 hours aging procedure before final inspection. We 100% inspect the performance of tuning, display quality, component stability, and packing, and also comply with the customers' requirements and instructions. Certain percent of LILLIPUT products are carried out the GB2828 standard before delivery. 

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